Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last Night's Ward 2 Community meeting

Last night, Ward 2 residents Billy Kinberg and Ben Colbert; and I attended the DC Lottery's community meeting discussing their online gaming roll out.

I am happy to report that the room was filled again by pro-iGaming DC residents who made up a strong majority of the room.  Out of ~20 Ward 2 residents, only one of them voiced opposition to iGaming legislation, the rest voiced support.  The remaining non-Ward 2 residents numbered around 15 or so, and an overwhelming majority of them voiced their support for online gaming as well. 

Many thanks to Billy and Ben who both gave wonderful comments on their hope DC moves forward with the iGaming initiative.

After the meeting, I spoke briefly with the one of the folks that has been quite vocal against the passage of iGaming.  She mentioned she was unhappy with the law and suggested that the law gives sole oversight to the DC CFO's office in determining the direction of iGaming. 

I really do not see any merit to these arguments.  Is the status quo of international companies like Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet (federally indicted) and BoDog (currently operating) which are operating out of places like South Korea, Ireland, and the Caribbean a better alternative to a government run iGaming site?  

Many of us have lost many dollars playing on unsafe, unregulated, internationally run sites.  A government run option is clearly a better and safer alternative - The preferred alternative for anyone who has ever played these entertaining games. 

No one will be forced to play.  In fact, many will not be able to play because of the system's necessary requirements that players have a) a bank account, b) a computer, and c) an approved internet connection.  Many of DC's neediest people unfortunately do not meet some of these requirements and thus would not be able to get on the website.

Someone has to manage an iGaming site and delaying its implementation will only put more players in danger, not to mention all the rake dollars being siphoned off to these overseas companies.  If that someone performs poorly or mismanages iGaming monies...well...all the better that we will have the capability to petition the government for their removal.


If you can come, please let me know!  We need your voice out there!

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